Other Veteran Benefits

Other Veteran Benefits

Health Care Benefits

Eligibility for VA health care requires either service-connected disability, receipt of Pension benefits, special service recognition such as a prisoner of war or Purpose Heart, or low income and less than $80,000 in assets.

Dependency & Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

DIC is a benefit payable to eligible survivors of a military service member who died on active duty or whose death after service resulted from a service-connected injury or disease. There are additional funds available if the surviving spouse needs aid and attendance, such as home care, assisted living, or nursing home care. These additional funds are not automatic and many survivors do not know to apply for them or that they are even available.

Burial Benefits

Money is available for burial costs for veterans who were service disabled, receiving Pension benefits or died under VA care. Service-connected disabilities that result in death receive $2,000. Non-service related, but receiving other benefits can get up to $700 for plot allowance and burial and $300 in funeral expense allowances. All veterans receive free burial in State and Federal VA cemetaries.

State Veteran Benefits

Each state has different programs and additional benefits for Veterans. Some of these benefits may include property tax reductions, free state park admissions, availability of veterans homes, and other benefits.

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