Veterans Disability Compensation

Veterans Disability Compensation

Disability compensation is a tax free benefit paid to Veterans with disabilities that are a result of a disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service. Veterans may also receive compensation for post-service disabilities that are considered related to circumstances of military service.

In addition to disability compensation, there is an aid and attendance allowance in the form of Special Monthly Compensation if a Veteran is 100% disabled. This benefit is not automatic and most veterans do not even know that it is available or to apply for it.

Qualifying for VA Disability Compensation

Disability benefits do not take into account a Veteran’s income or assets to qualify for payment. This is different from other types of VA benefits. Payments are solely based on a disability rating for a service-connected disability.

Applying for VA Disability Compensation

The process of applying for VA benefits can seem overwhelming. Most claims require extensive amounts of documentation and following up through the appeals process. Working with a qualified Veterans’ benefits lawyer can help the process go smoother, while giving your claim a better chance of success.

Conditions that Qualify as Service-Connected Disabilities

There are many conditions that Veterans face as a result of their service. Some of the more common ones include:
• Hearing Loss
• Tinnitus
• Toxic Exposure (Agent Orange, depleted uranium, burn pits, asbestos, CARC paint, radiation, sulfur dioxide, contaminated water, etc.)
• Back Injuries
• Neurological Disorders
• Heart Disease

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