Veterans Pension Benefits

Veterans Pension Benefits

Pension benefits provide cash payment to veterans who served during a period of war or to their single surviving spouses. These benefits are also available to Veterans or surviving spouses with very low income who cannot afford long-term care costs. There are income and asset requirements for Pension benefits, unlike Disability Compensation.

For Veterans younger than age 65, the Veteran must be totally disabled to receive Pension benefits. At age 65 and older, there is no requirement for disability.

VA Pension has an income test, which is based on a maximum yearly amount that the household must be making less than in order to qualify. Household income can be reduced by monthly medical costs, so it’s possible that higher earning households still qualify once those deductions are taken.

There is also an asset test that the household assets cannot exceed $80,000. A personal residence, personal property, and automobiles for personal use are exempt from the asset test.

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